Typical errors during Internet connection and
methods of their solution

This column contains error codes caused while connections on client computers under control of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Note : Errors with codes over 900 appear when connecting to routing server and remote access under control of Windows 2000 or operation system of later version.

Error 633 «Modem or other communication device is already in use or not configured properly»
Error 651 «Modem has reported an error»
Error 678 «Remote computer is not responding»
Error 691 «Access denied»
Error 692 «Network cable plug is disconnected from network card»
Error 718 «Connection is interrupted»
Error 720 «Connection to remote computer could not be established»
Error 734 «The PPP link control protocol was terminated»
Error 735 «Server rejected IP-address»
Error 815 «Impossible to establish high speed computer connection»

    633 «Modem or other connecting device is already in use or not configured properly»

Reason : Connection via local network is turned off and settings are changed as in error 734.
Fix : Turn on connection via local network and retrieve settings as in error 734.

    651 «Modem has reported an error»

Reason 1 : Problems on communication line.
Fix : Check connection and integrity of network cable (reinstall drivers, recover status). Call Customer Support Center service.
Reason 2 : Winsock interface damage.
Fix : Do in command line (Start → Programs → Standard → Command line) command - netsh winsock reset.
Reason 3 : Network card MAC-address changed (network card change, system reinstallation on mother cards with built-in network cards, router installation).
Fix : Report Center of Customer Support Center about change. Clone the previous MAC-address.

    678 «Remote computer is not responding»

This error occurs when connection between your computer and access server is not established. Most probably the reasons of this error are: malfunction of your active equipment, client’s network card is disconnected, connection is blocked by antivirus program or firewall.
Problem solution :
Possibly local network cable is not connected and bad contact in connectors.
Possibly network adapter of your computer is not working properly. It is required to reinstall network adapter driver and network adapter change for troubleshooting.
Possibly cable break is occurred and access server is disconnected.
Possibly network adapter is disconnected in device manager. Turn on network adapter and try again connection.
Check connection via local network (Start → Control panel → Network connections → right click on Local Network Connection → select ON). Disable antivirus program and firewall.
If the problem continues – call Customer Support Center Service.

    680 «No dial tone" (Line is busy)»

Computer is trying to establish Internet connection not through modem of Internet services mobile provider but through built-in modem.
It is required to enter in remote access connection through which Internet connection is established, right click and select Properties → General → check which modem is marked, if built-in modem is marked then mark modem in use of wireless Internet (mobile Internet).
If required modem is not shown in the list, computer does not “see” the modem. In this case it is required to check proper software installation for modem.
Similar reasons occur when message "Error 633" - Modem is in use or is not installed properly appears.

    691 «Access denied»

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    692 «Network cable plug is disconnected from network card»

Reason : Network cable plug is disconnected from network card.
Fix : Put network cable plug in hole on network card.

    718 «Connection is interrupted»

Connection is interrupted as remote computer did not respond in time. Press «Additionally» button or call support center.
Fix : Authorization serve is not responding. For example, due to disconnection for preventive measures.
Solution : Wait 5-10 minutes and try to connect again.

    720 «Connection to remote computer could not be established»

Connection to remote computer could not be established. Probably connection network setting needs to be changed. Press “Additionally” or call support center.

Reason : TCP/IP protocol is disabled in «RASTR» connection used for network connection.
Fix : Turn on TCP/IP protocol in «RASTR» connection.

    734 «The PPP link control protocol was terminated»

The PPP link control protocol was terminated.
This error occurs in case if security protocols on server to which connection is established are incompatible with local security parameters.
Problem solution : Right click connection in use in Network connections. Select Properties and open Security. Select unsafe password.
If the problem continues – call Customer Support Center Service.

    735 «Server rejected IP-address»

Reason: Client installed IP address manually and it is not compatible with address given by authorization server.
Fix : : Obtain an IP address automatically.

    815 «Impossible to establish high speed computer connection»

Impossible to establish high speed computer connection as remote server is not responding.

NOTE : You can find errors descriptions on http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;ru;824864.