IP PBX System

IP-PBX (Private Branch eXchange) — is a ready telephone system allowing to make telephone calls via IP networks. All calls are converted to data package which are transmitted through the network. IP-PBX gives an opportunity to integrate all office telephones to one intellectual network in which various voice services are realized.
The work of employees is not effective, the company loses the customers and communication with existing clients is far from perfect?
These problems could be solved using complex communication services on the base of IP-telephony — IP-PBX offered by «AZ-EVRO TEL».
IP-PBX system management is implemented with the help of friendly web interface enabling organization of effective interaction with clients.

IP PBX system provides for users the following opportunities :

— Voice Mail. You can send and receive voice messages from other users. The messages could be sent to your email address;
Interactive Voice Menu (IVR). The caller to your number is offered a voice menu managed by additional digits dialing on the telephone with the help of which he could find and listen to response to his question and connect to required employee;
— Call Forwarding. This could be permanent forwarding to the other number, forwarding under any case (for instance, depending on staff busyness) and possibility for manual call forwarding to the other number;
— Hold Call. Even if your number is busy the caller will not hear short tones (“busy”) but pleasant music;
— Call Queuing. If many people are simultaneously calling this service will hold each call and create queue;
— Call Recording. According to given settings call recording system demounts telephone calls and has no limitations on quantity simultaneously enabled record channels;
— Automatic Caller ID. Automatic identification of caller’s number;
— Block list of numbers. Block of undesirable calls;
— Conferencing. An opportunity to talk to several subscribers simultaneously. For example this is advantageous during meetings and presentations;
— Auto Attendant. The system of intellectual processing of incoming calls enabling to activate self-service role and end maximum number of calls in IVR.

Applicability of IP-PBX system :

— Automated call centers;
— Customer service;
— Televoting (automated telephone inquires of population);
— Interactive chargeable telephone services on TV and other mass media;
— Chargeable consultation from specialists;
— Communication and information services access to which is accomplished by telephone cards;
— Conferencing;
— Telemarketing (sale of goods and services via telephone).