Call Center System

Call Center is a complex of specialized communication equipment, the major task of which is to receive and process a big stream of incoming telephone requests incoming to urgent, information, consulting, customized, technical and other services used for sale of goods and services, telephone network resources.
РВ difference from Call Center traditional query service developed on the base of computer telephony technology, does not generate «busy» signal. The system automatically processes a great number of calls without denials based on priority of their income and by using priority principle.

Call Center Advantages :

— Saving of human resources and other expenses owning to Call Center enables servicing of analogous number of calls by less number of agents (for processing of increased number of calls it is required to obtain additional telephone lines and hiring of additional employees);
— Call Center will help to organize effective collection and providing of any information by telephone in automatic or semi-automatic mode as well as provide clients with other additional communication services;
— Increase of clients satisfaction through prompt and correct reaction of employees to their requests;
— Uniform rules and quality of Client servicing regardless of his selection of communication method (telephone, email, web-call and etc.);
— Automation of outgoing calls campaign (ring round of existing and potential clients, promotion actions, direct-mail and etc.);
— Availability of detailed statistical information about Call Center’s work with possibility specification (by time, service, incoming calls’ geography);
— Reducing the number of unserved calls and control over this number.

The following could be organized with help of Call Center :

— Automated call centers;
— Customer service;
— Televoting (automated telephone inquires of population);
— Interactive chargeable telephone services on TV and other mass media;
— Chargeable consultation from specialists;
— Communication and information services access to which is accomplished by telephone cards;
— Conferencing;
— Telemarketing (sale of goods and services via telephone).