Lease of dedicated line

Lease of dedicated communication channels — is reliable and high-speed data exchange between your offices and affiliates located in different parts of Baku city.
«AZEUROTEL» offers the service of organization of dedicated channels «point-to-point» which enables reliable communication between client offices for transmitting of large-volume data or organization of corporate telephone and computer network.

Provide usage of communication channels :

— Connection of corporate networks to global networks of data transmission;
— Combination of data transmission networks of government institutions and offices and their connection with other similar networks;
— Development of corporate telephone and computer networks;
— Connection of switching and routing equipment of operators’ and providers’ network;
— Connection of operators’ communication centers to more popular points of international traffic exchange or to centers of large foreign providers;
«last mile» organization.

Digital channels of «AZEUROTEL» are :

— Use of high technologies;
— High quality in all points of network access;
— Warranted speed of data exchange;
— Possibility for service reserving on all layers;
— 24-hour monitoring of all centers;
— Highly skilled technical support in «24 hour / 7 days» mode.

Our specialists implement a full range of works on designing, construction and exploitation of communication networks. This allows organizing of turnkey digital channels in relatively short terms and high quality.



Rent of optical bodices

Xidmətin adı Aylıq istifadə haqqı,manat, ƏDV ilə
1 cüt FO lifin icarəsi(4 km qədər) hər 1 km üçün
1 cüt FO lifin icarəsi(4 km-dən artıq) hər 1 km üçün