Optic communication channels

Fiber-optic channels are one of the most perspective directions in telecommunication sphere. The capacity of optical channels is higher in several times in comparison with lines on the base of copper-wire cable. Moreover fiber optic is irresponsive to external interferences what removes some typical problems of copper communication systems. Optical networks are able to transmit signals for long distances without loss.
«AZEUROTEL» its own multibranch fiber optic network. Our specialists implement all necessary works for further network development and allow providing consumers with more services of high level.
Comprehensive approach of «AZEUROTEL» to solution of Client's tasks enables to get: Internet access, data transmission channel, remote site communication, traditional communication and IP-telephony, tuned optical equipment, monitoring and support systems. This solution gives an opportunity for high-speed, secured access to corporate resources and global computer network. Herewith efficiency, reliability and security will be the same as while working in local network.

The advantages of this connection :

— Permanent communication with worldwide network;
— Warranted speed and quality of data exchange;
— Reliability of data transreceving;
— Possibility for development of own corporate network;
— Possibility of quick and qualitative provision of any additional services;
— Possibility for connection of sites located in the reasonable distance from each other via basic network of

«AZEUROTEL» has the license on designing and construction of communication installation, signaling, TV and information system what allows permanently expanse sphere of its activity in providing of services as well as more effectively solve issues of network internal development.