IP Telephony

IP-telephony, recently becomes the fastest developing method of communication. The development of modern technologies led to surprising opportunities for socializing. Today the majority has telephone — home or stationary device or mobile phone.
If you decide to go on a journey or business trip nothing shall prevent you to make calls through Internet. From friends or relatives, Internet café or using free Wi-Fi in a hotel. It is one of the important advantages of IP-telephony in comparison with other types of communication. There is no notion of call to subscriber of your network and «roaming» is also not applicable in IP-telephony. When using IP-telephone tariffs are fixed and do not depend on country where you are calling.
User pays attention firstly to the price of one minute call. At any time you can use IP-telephone and take all advantages of modern technologies and making calls at a low price. It is real to save in 1,5-2 times. The service available already for several years is provided for subscribers of «AZ-EVRO TEL» in order to make calls to any place of the world.
Read here about the advantages of IP-telephony.

«AET IP-telephone cards». How to use this service?

In order to use IP-telephony service, you need to be Exchange 492/497/437/482 subscriber or have a direct access to this numbers, then you need to purchase IP-card at the Subscribers Department of «AZ-EVRO TEL» and following the attached instruction you can get paid access to national and international communication. Each card includes ten-digit unique PIN-code. IP-card itself does not have any additional functions and is confirmation of the service fee. The value of the purchased card is some kind of deposit for your phone calls.

And the most important !

The services of our company allow not restricting but significantly increasing conversation time and meanwhile save 50% of budget in comparison with traditional telephone lines.

«AET» cards are with value of 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 manat.

Necessarily ! Check out the instruction and order of access to «AET IP-telephone cards» service.