Connection of ATMs and terminals

Connection of ATMs and terminals — using the advantages of basic network of «AZEUROTEL» corporate clients could organize the work of distant points of retails sales and sales offices. «AZEUROTEL» provides to clients maximum flexible high-technology platform for various business-tasks solution. Using data transmission channels provided by «AZEUROTEL» corporate clients could remotely connect ATMs and terminals to banking processing centre.

The advantages of usage of «AZEUROTEL» services on ATMs and terminals connection :

— High speed of data transmission which allows quick and high quality transfer of high-capacity files;
— Warranty of high-level security of transmitted information (information «leak» via Internet is excluded);
— Equipment installation;
— Possibility to shift stationary work points to new places quickly and without extra charges.

Data transmission in «AZEUROTEL» network is realized in packet switching mode. During data packet switching the relevant channel is captured only during data transmission as a result of which a higher efficiency of its usage is reached. IP-protocol is used as a network layer protocol while data transmission in «AZEUROTEL» network.

The opportunities of «AZEUROTEL» enable development of solutions fully adapted to unique requirements of each separate client and our specialists will help you to install the equipment and system.



Connection of ATMs and terminals

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