VLAN Connection

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) — is a combination of local networks or separate machines connected to public network, to unified virtual local network providing integrity of transmitted information. VLAN technology provides a constant connection of several subscribers with an opportunity of secured data transmission and voice information between them. VLAN is an effective solution for transfer of voice, video and confidential corporate information. All traffic transmitted between VLAN participants is transferred in secured mode on the basis of operating standards of information security.
This service is meant for corporate clients having several offices with local networks and requesting combination of its networks to unique information network without development of own communication channels between each of these local networks in order to develop distributed corporate network secured from public traffic by VLAN technology.
«AZEUROTEL» AzEuroTel provides system integration services and includes works on network designing and development, equipment delivery, integrated mounting of cable telephone and computer systems within your office, maintenance of data transmission networks of any level LAN, WAN.

While network developing and designing «AZEUROTEL» uses well-proven standard solutions and individual tasks of each Client are also considered. Designing, selection of relevant equipment and local network mounting is realized according to standard of structured cable system.

Distinctive features and advantages of the service :

— More noted during combination of territorially distributed computer networks. Virtual channel allows connection of offices' local networks and corporate Exchange as well as organize several communication channels including for Internet access;
— Transmission of any information via Ethernet protocol is possible between territorially distant segments of corporate network integrated in VLAN. The number of switching points to VLAN is not limited. If necessary any of the points switched to VLAN could be also provided with Internet access through the same physical communication channel;
— Payment only for channels leasing what enables Client to transmit unlimited traffic between its networks;
— Possibility for Internet access through one connection point;
— Possibility for simultaneous transmission of voice, data and video;
— High speed of data transmission;
— Possibility of organization of convenient and inexpensive intracorporate telephone communication with use of short number dialing;
— Possibility for realization of videoconferences and distance learning;
— Possibility of joint work over documents and databases;
— Possibility for effective solutions of a number of other tasks if flexible corporate telecommunication network is required for their realization;
— Low cost of leased channels and communication equipment, advanced network topology;
— High reliability;
— Ease of scaling — is connection of new networks or users.

As part of this service «AZEUROTEL» organizes integrated telecommunication network on Client request, provides its exploitation and management. It means that Client could focus on its main profile business authorizing professional operator to solve all telecommunication questions emerging in the process of business activity.

If you apply to «AZEUROTEL» you'll get :

— Intelligent technical analysis on communication organization;
— Several solutions of price variants;
— Comprehensive selection of the whole spectrum of equipment.

«AZEUROTEL» has the license on designing and construction of communication installation, signaling, TV and information system what allows permanently expanse sphere of its activity in providing of services as well as more effectively solve issues of network internal development.



VLAN connection

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