Terms of use of services

Directions for use of Internet and multimedia services

1. General provisions

1.1. Information technologies services are services focused on provision of information to citizens and residential institutions covered by the telecommunication networks in the service area of operator (Provider). .
1.2. Information technologies services are provided by Operator (Provider) on a 24-hour basis.
1.3. Information technologies services are provided in accordance with service contract concluded between Operator (Provider) and subscriber in case if technical opportunity is available in operator’s coverage.

2. Directions for service providing

2.1. Service connection is provided by means of digital communication channels organized by Operator by using his own or leased equipment.
2.2. Services are provided on the basis of both physical and legal persons’ written requests. If subscriber executes the conditions below the appropriate service contract will be concluded.

For service connection :

— name, surname and exact address of owner using telephone number;
— вsubscriber’s choice of provided services speed;
— prepayment depending on service type;
— installation payment.

2.3. Service is provided at address pointed by Subscriber and registered in identity card.
2.4. The commencement of service providing is the moment of the first successful authorization through using of this service.
2.5. Service is provided only if subscriber’s balance is positive. In case if subscriber’s balance is negative or zero Operator ceases service without preliminary notification. If during two months subscriber does not make payment for positive balance restoration in this case service contract is canceled and telecommunication resources are used to provide service to other subscriber. Services can be restored upon expiration of two months from the full payment of formed debt and installation services.
2.6. Upon written request Subscriber can cancel the service providing for a term of one month. In this case subscriber makes prepayment for the period of canceled service providing.
2.7. If subscriber does not make payment of the period of temporarily canceled service providing in this case upon expiration the contract is annulled according to clause 2.5.
2.8. Subscriber’s service waiving is registered on the basis of written request of subscriber confirmed by its signature (physical person) or company’s seal. Service providing is ceased during 30 days after subscriber’s debt payment.
2.9. Equipment installation requested for service providing at the subscriber’s address is paid by subscriber.
2.10. Service installation in coverage zone of operator (provider) is implemented during 3-4 days, in coverage zone of other operators – during 7 days.
2.11. Service providing by the operator is executed to end user equipment installed at the subscriber’s territory (ADSL modem, STB , IP-phone). Service providing in all structures installed in the network created by subscriber after this installation are implemented by subscriber.

3. Rights and obligations of Operator (Provider)

3.1. Provide services according to provisions described in contract and its supplements concluded with subscriber as well as according to the present directions.
3.2. Provide to subscriber services on a 24-hour basis except for preventive repair works and damages.
3.3. Eliminate all defects within a prescribed period.
3.4. Proceed with invoices and other documentation for payment execution on the basis of subscribers’ requests.
3.5. Ceases service providing in case of negative or zero balance of subscriber.
3.6. In case of non-payment during 2 months unilaterally interrupt contracts concluded with subscribers.
3.7. Do not provide information about subscriber to third persons (except for cases specified by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan).
3.8. Provide subscriber with telephone consultation receipt from service desk (consultations extent is limited by questions regarding service providing and balance status).
3.9. Accurate registration control of subscribers’ payment.
3.10. Tariffs shift of provided services.
3.11. Make amendments into current contracts after noticing subscriber.
3.12. Offer to subscriber the technical opportunity to check balance.
3.13. Operator reserves the right to make alterations in the list of provided channels.

4. Rights and obligations of Subscriber

4.1. According to the terms indicated in Service Contract to keep positive balance by timely transfer of preliminary payment.
4.2. Using technical capabilities provided by operator (provider) to control its balance and verify the statistical data.
4.3. For connection and maintenance works to provide access of Operator’s (Provider’s) specialists to the building and provide the appropriate conditions .
4.4. To observe conditions of service contract and comply with this instructions.
4.5. НNot to dispose and sell to the third persons usable services, rights and obligations under this service contract .
4.6. To prevent exchange and distribution of data and pictures having offensive content, contradictory to the Legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, propagandizing extremism, violence and causing ethnic and religious dissensions.
4.7. To prevent the dissemination of «spams» и «viruces» in the usable services.
4.8. Not to falsify its IP address, not to use proxying methods and opportunities to make NAT transmissions to end user equipment, installed in its network.
4.9. Not to allow replacement, reinstallation of the equipment connected to the service without operator’s (provider’s) permission.
4.10. To provide normal operation of the equipment following the last point of service (line) installed by operator (provider), remove viruses in its equipment and network, prevent dissemination of this viruses in the operator’s (provider’s) network.
4.11. Not to make attempts of unauthorized access to internet network resources, not to use non-existing return addresses when sending emails.
4.12. For provision of services to provide current flow of power with frequency 220V±10% 50 Hz, not to connect to the phone line, which is used for getting of service, other end devices (coupled telephone, obturators, blockirators, protecting signaling devices, etc.) .
4.13. To cancel service contract after payment of a debt for provided services.

5. Provider’s responsibility

5.1. Operator (Provider) takes responsibility in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan for fulfillment of obligations according to the terms of service contract with subscriber and to the terms of these directions.
5.2. Operator (Provider) is not responsible for any defects in equipment, computer, local network, software, using by subscriber and for quality loss of copper connection (subscriber line) line and as consequence for interruptions, delays and quality loss of providing services.
5.3. Operator (Provider) is not responsible for termination of service (disable state of connecting line) causing by untimely payment of debts by subscriber to operator providing connecting (subscriber) lines with connected services.
5.4. Operator (Provider) is not responsible for the damage caused during using of services by subscriber.
5.5. Operator (Provider) is not responsible for the troubles in operation (low-quality operation) of separate segments of Internet network. Operator (Provider) does not guarantee the capability of data exchange with servers and web sites which are temporarily or permanently unavailable trough internet network.

6. Subscriber’s responsibility

6.1. Subscriber is responsible for fulfillment of terms of Service contract and these instructions in accordance with legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.
6.2. Subscriber is responsible for viruses transferred into operator’s network as a result of incorrect use of services, for circumstances having negative affect on work in the network and for problems caused by traffic exchange with sources with unprovided safety and of doubtful provenance, and for creating additional outgoing-incoming traffics in subscriber address.
6.3. Subscriber is responsible for breaking of the equipment installed at subscriber’s territory at the expense of operator or leased form operator caused by incorrect usage and non-compliance to the rates of electrical voltage and for mechanical damage, deterioration of external appearance of equipment, and to guarantee full payment for damage caused to operator.
6.4. Subscriber will prepare in its network and equipment filters for closing of incoming traffic in the following protocols and ports:
— in protocols : TCP - 25; 135-139; 445; 21; 23; 69; 80; 8080; 254; 255; 161;
— in ports : UDP -135-139; 69; 161 — and is responsible for damages caused to itself or to second party due to breach of this term.
6.5. Subscriber is responsible for payment for services as they fall due.