Guidebook for Internet services user

While installation and exploitation of ADSL equipment follow the rules :

1. Provide stable power voltage of ADSL and/or IP-TV equipment. Availability of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) or up-to-date constant voltage unit to which are connected power supply of ADSL and/or IP-TV equipment is mandatory requirement for stable work of these devices;
2. Install ADSL and/or IP-TV devices on the fore in order to provide required modes of ventilation and improved accessibility to ON/OFF buttons of power if they are available in equipment. Do not install equipment on drawers and furniture, under the tables, on glass shelves, behind TV stands and other hard-to-reach and uncontrolled places;
3. Do not install equipment on windowsills or under air conditioner in order to avoid condensation or moisture ingress into the equipment;
4. In order to avoid the break of power and communication cables or its connecters damage do not rearrange equipment and try to avoid any accidental moving of both equipment and connecting cables;
5. Do not connect any additional telephone sets to internal telephone network in parallel (by passing) splitter – special additional device for connection of equipment to telephone lines of Urban Telephone Network. Additional telephone sets in door should be connected via divider which is connected with Phone splitter hole;
6. Avoid indoor mounting of telephone cables by a twisted or overlapped method. If due to any reasons it is impossible to use factory connecting box joint and telephone cables with ready-made plugs, connection points should be reliably sealed and reaped by specialist;
7. Do not install and experiment with any software of third-party developers on additional optimization, «delicate adjustment» of ADSL equipment, bandwidth widening or compression of the currents, speed and traffic of Internet conenction guaranteed by provider. Any change of key parameters of Operation System, modem and TCP/IP protocol should led to hardly detecting failures in equipment work and Internet connection parameters.

Customer Support Center Telephone Service will assist you in the following cases :

! – if modem restart was made by pressing Reset button which is on the back panel of devices holder. This will led to reset of all current parameters to factory settings.
!! – in no case do not try to define current status of modem, parameters and status of Internet connection by direct access to service menu via WEB-interface, Telnet and other user software tools.
In default of required knowledge and skills you can accidentally delete or change any current settings, reset all settings or damage operation system of modem.
If such situation occurs it is required to deliver the modem for diagnostics and reinstallation to Technical Department of Broadband Access of «AZEUROTEL».

Remote setup of ADSL modems is not implemented by Customer Support Center service.

In most cases lack of access to special sites is not the reason for anxiety concerning Internet connection and application to Customer Support Center Service. Based on specificity of Internet separate sites, corporate networks and whole region could be temporarily (from several minutes to several hours) unavailable due to technical reasons beyond the control of provider.
For organizations having some PCs in local peer-to-peer network and lack of internal rules on traffic distribution between PC (services Proxy, QoS, Shapes) one PC download of any big resource could led to occupation of the whole bandwidth and delays and rarely full stop of Internet access for other PCs.
PCs of private persons experience delays with functioning of program agents of several antivirus, mail server, social networks and plays (particularly in events of temporary unavailability in Internet of their web resources), incorrectly installed, remoted or configured software, automatic update packages and etc.

Before calling to Customer Support Center service it is recommended :

1. Wait for ADSL modem is in operation mode. Depending on manufacturer and ADSL modem model some time is required to pass modes of self-diagnostic and testing of communication line for establishing of reliable connection with provider's equipment. Depending on environment conditions it will take up to 5 minutes of time;
2. Analyze indication system on the front panel of your ADSL and/or IP-TV equipment. Knowledge of LED indicators value will help quickly determine problem reason and solve it independently or by help of Customer Support Center service of «AZEUROTEL»;
3. Check whether your telephone line is faultless: dial tone availability, lack of noises and unusual tone.
The majority of problems of such kind is solved by calling 122 Baku Urban Telephone Network;
4. Check if your telephone is disconnected by operator due to subscriber debt, non-payment of international calls or other reasons (as well as calls for mobile numbers or chargeable reference service) or questions connected with prolongation of contract with BUTN;
5. Restart modem and/or IP-TV add-on device by disconnecting from power supply. It is strongly recommended to wait not less than 30 seconds after disconnecting the modem and/or IP-TV add-on device till reefed of power supply for equipment. Quick disconnection and turn on of equipment is harmful for equipment and often do not led to desirable results in failure cases due to unstable power supply;
6. Check the stability of power supply voltage. ADSL modems and/or IP-TV add-on devices stop normal functioning during both permanently reduced and high voltage, «floating» voltage and short-term overvoltage of power supply. Modem hangs up;
7. Visually check connecting cables for possible physical damage (rubbed, flowed, twisted, compression, casing breakage and internal breakage or slack);
8. Check accuracy and reliability of connecting cables fixation in holes. External protection cover of cables should be safely fixed and compressed within the hole;
9. Check your PC for local network functioning, i.e. connection availability with modem from operation system. In case of lack of network connection marks on task bar please mark required options in Properties window relevant to Windows network connection services (icons - Network Neighborhood/My Network Places/Network Neighborhood) for required marks will appear on Task Bar.
         a) In case of connection via Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless Connection WiFi (WLAN) meaning of network neighborhood (Local Area Connection) on Task Bar (to the right, near the clock) should not be checkmarked. If yes, in order to restore the connection right click on the required mark and select Disable-Enable.
          б) In case with wireless connection PC move could also be useful.

If you plan to reinstall operation system do not forget to make note (or ask IT specialist) of current parameters of TCP/IP protocol and network services for their further restoration.