Tariff plan change

Tariff plan change is made upon subscriber's request and after signature of new Annex to the existing Contract. Clients shift is made only from the 1st date of calendar month.

Follow the following instructions :

— Your personal account should have positive balance. In case of negative balance on your subscriber account you should pay the existing debt.
Payment could be made through Subscriber Department of«AZEUROTEL» via wire transfer using ATM system or online payment service.
— Tariff change could be made once in the beginning of the next calendar month not later that 5 days prior to the next calendar month;
— New tariff plan comes into effect from the beginning of the next calendar month from 00.00 hrs local time;
— Tariff plan change is realized free of charge.

Requests for tariff plan change made via telephone are not considered.

In order to get additional information please apply to subscriber department of «AZEUROTEL» or use feedback service.