Waiving from services provision

You have the right to waive from provided services at any time in the frame of concluded contract.

By the time of contract cancelation balance on you personal account should be positive.
Please remember that if Subscriber waives from provided services during calendar month the amount deducted from personal account till the end of calendar month is not returned and compensated.
Waiving from services provision is made upon Subcriber's request in written submitted to company office.

Services provision termination is realized from the moment of relevant written Subscriber's application receipt. Subscribers using «AZEUROTEL» equipment leased for the period of contract should return the equipment. In case if leased equipment is damaged during usage time due to the fault of Subscriber the price of equipment should be reimbursed.

Please be accurate while pointing the date of services termination status. When entering inaccurate or error information you should contact the operator of Subscriber Department and inform about the error. Otherwise the message sent by you will be considered as a right one.

Requests on contract cancelation made via telephone are not considered.