Customer Support Center

Subscribers support services of «AZEUROTEL» are one of the most important elements in clients servicing. In order to get response to your questions or solution we work 24-hour, 7 days a week.
For the purpose of improvement of users servicing quality all telephone calls are recorded and could be used for controversial issues.

The main categories of requests processed by Customer support center:

— Acceptance of requests on new subscribers connection;
— Introduction of modifications in your connection parameters;
— Prompt consultations via telephone on installation of operation systems and software for work in network;
— Engineer request for software set-up, new devices installation, removal of viruses in computer;
Connection via GPON technology;
Connection via ADSL/VDSL technology;
Internet via leased lines;

The cost of shown tariff plans includes the provision of following services:

— Consulting the subscribers on technical issues of provided services via email or phone;
— Assistance and recommendation in selection of tariff plan under user requirement;
— Provision of access to hosting resources under tariff plan.

To get more information about provided services.

Contacts of support services:

Customer Support Center phone short number 155 — 24-hour.
If you have technical questions please refer to the following sections:

Answers to frequently asked questions;
Errors arising during connection;
Instructions on modems setup.

Chargeable professional services

High-class specialists are employed by our company's staff. We provide to our subscribers 24-hour Customer Support Center and consultations on issues regarding the use of our services. Very often subscribers need assistance beyond the scope of standard consultations.
For example reinstall or reconfigure software or install anti virus protection.
These professional services are not included in standard services of «AZEUROTEL» and ordered separately. For more information please see Additional Services or Tariffs.